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Our menu changes often and seasonally, so check back!





Seasonal Soup  


select cheese, cured meats, pickled veggies, olives, tapenade, nuts

Leek  & Artichoke Gratin   

served warm with crostini

Crispy Tofu 12 (v,gf)  

our version of mozzarella sticks! spicy marinara

Lemon Potatoes    

crispy spiced yukons, house aioli, himilayan sea salt

Housemade Harissa Meatballs 

white bean puree, elephant kale

Malbec Braised Shortrib

masa cake

Stromboli of the Day



Seasonal Salad  

Mediterranean    (V/GF)

caramelized onions, peppers, artichokes, olives, pistachios


greens, roasted red peppers, queso 


Cha Cha Wheels   

wagon wheel pasta, white cheddar mac & cheese, italian sausage, tangy ragu



our silky housemade meat sauce

Vegetable Linguini Fini

seasonal mixed veggies, garlic, oil, chilis

Desserts made in-house by lovely Olivia. 

Cookie plate

for 2   

for 4   

     for 6        

Medley of cookies, bars, fruit

Other ever-changing delights   

Full bar and extensive wine list  and of course PIZZA!!!

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